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We’re a family business helping people, families and whanau to design, engineer and implement, cost-effective off-grid lifestyles and run global business operations from home.

We don’t work in an office, the picture gives that “professional” touch. Instead we work, with clients from around the world, from our off-grid location, Oikimoke, Te Ika-a-Maui.

If you’re interested in designing yourself a more cost-efficient, self-sustaining and balanced lifestyle, the team here would love to talk.

You’ll be involved in the process from beginning to end to ensure a quality finished product or service that generally exceeds expectations.

Our Services

From harnessing solar and wind energy to power your homes, to developing self sufficiency through permaculture, aquaculture and waste reduction and management – we have the skills, tools and experience to help you establish your off grid vision. 

We also offer strategic business development and growth marketing services to help businesses transition to our global 24/7 business environment. We work with families, whanau and communities, business’ and DAO spanning almost all 24hour time zones. Off Grid global business is how we operate. It’s fun. Join Us!

Our terms and conditions of service are negotiated on a case by case basis with each and every client. Contracts for service provided as required and when you read this page you do so of your own choice.

In terms of privacy, we don’t track you and never will. There’s no newsletters to unsubscribe from. We collect only the information you provide us in the conduct of business and can delete this upon request, while upholding our legal obligation to maintain a record of transactions.

Your details are as safe with us as most places online, and if online privacy is a concern we can resort to pen and paper and burn surplus records for the kids to roast marshmallows over. Any excuse for a fire!

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